Our History

San Diego Progressive Coalition started as a social meetup group called Sexy Liberals (our name is an "homage" to Stephanie Miller's "Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour," which she and her fellow comedians have brought to America's greatest cities since its inception in 2011). Our goal was simple, bring people together that believe in social justice and progressive causes. While we were politically minded, we were not generally engaged in political action as a group.

After progressives lost the House, Senate and the Presidency in 2016, we decided to become mobilized. We have since combined with several other groups in the area to form the strong, progressive activist group now known as San Diego Progressive Coalition.

Our goals are simple, and obtainable. This site is here to help bring us together and get the word out about events we are participating in and actions we are taking.

Our Mission

We are united together to stand against tyranny through local, progressive action. This action includes:

  • Put consistent pressure on our local representatives
    • Call, Fax & Visit offices of Dianne Feinstein, Darrell Issa & others on a regular basis demanding they focus on the issues that matter
    • Demand Town Hall meetings and go there in mass numbers; vocalize how we want our reps to stand up against the current administration
  • ¬†Override the rhetoric that the opposition is weak and resistance is futile
    • Attend and hold rallies in massive numbers
    • Create a clear message with every rally
    • Show support through peaceful, non-violent protest
  • Replace Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter in 2018
    • Choose a strong¬†opposition candidate to challenge each representative
    • Hold fund raising events to raise money for their campaigns
    • Help get the word out they the are a strong challenge to the current administration
  • Have Fun!
    • We started as a fun, social group and we're not willing to give that up
    • Opposition doesn't need to be stressful and angry

"Think Globally, Act Locally" is a phrase handed down through many generations of activists. It summarizes our strategy around how we can effect the global landscape from our small corner of the Country.

Through clear, organized progressive action, We Can Make A Difference!




Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.



Next Steps...

Live in San Diego? Tired of sitting at home yelling at your TV?

Get involved. Signup, Standup, Get Out! Sign up with us and join our fight.