Darrell Issa’s Town Hall 2-22-2017

Meeting Objective

Darrel Issa has been reluctant to meet with constituents. His claim is that it will cost $50,000 and be a waste of tax payer money. Organizers have setup the meeting space for him and requested that he attends. He has not confirmed. The message is clear. Constituents do Not want to see the ACA repealed or gutted. We will accept improvements to the system, but they must retain pre-existing conditions and coverage for children under 26 with no annual limit.


According to the San Diego Union Tribune, more than 1,000 people turned out for the event. Many carrying signs and chanting “Where is Issa?” There was even a cardboard cutout of Waldo with Issa’s face on it. There were several guest speakers discussing a variety of topics from healthcare to immigration. Raw video has been posted on the Voice of the Resistance Facebook group.

Below are some pics of the event courtesy of some of our members.

Next Event

Our next event will most likely be a fundraiser for Doug Applegate. If you would like to get involved, please email admin@sdprogressivecoalition.org.

Details will be posted once preparations are finalized.


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