Dems: Time to Clarify The Message!

OK Democrats. Trump is a moron and the Country needs to turn around. We get it. But if we’re going to do anything about it, We NEED to CLARIFY THE MESSAGE!┬áToday, the Democrats lost a crucial special elections. John Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handel. Granted, he ran a strong campaign in a historically red state, but we still lost the seat. Here’s why. For those who don’t live in Georgia, what did John Ossoff stand for? All I know is “Not Trump”.

It appears a lot of us are using the Not Trump message in an attempt to strengthen the Progressive agenda. Here’s the thing. It Won’t. Being Not Trump isn’t enough. We need to clarify the message that Democrats have stood for for years. Strengthen the Middle Class to build up the economy. Clean water, Good jobs, Healthcare for All. It’s got to be simple.

What am I talking about? Case in point. We’re in the beginning of the strongest Resistance Movement this Country has seen the civil rights movement and what’s all over my newsfeed? Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Snarky pictures, sarcastic parody, scathing articles. It’s everywhere! I’m tired of hearing about the guy. I really want to see the Resistance transform this Country with a message everyone can understand. It doesn’t have to be an us or them thing either. Everyone wants a strong Middle Class, Clean water, Good jobs and healthcare.

Remember, Barack Obama  ran one of the strongest Democratic campaigns in a very long time. His message? It was one word. Hope.

Bernie or Bust People: Please stop droning on about how the DNC cheated you. We canned the President and brought in two new leaders.

Establishment Democrats: Please start running on kicking the Oligarchs out of Washington. Money doesn’t win elections. Votes do.

Democratic Socialists: Please stop bitching at the Progressives that compromise too much. We don’t have that luxury right now.

We need to stop the infighting and quit going on about what we’re Against. We need to explain what we’re For!

The Resistance is a strong movement. I believe in it and that it can become stronger. For that to happen, we have to stop the repetition of how screwed up things are and start bringing Hope back into politics. Otherwise, we stand to suffer the same as Occupy. And I loved Occupy! It’s just that we didn’t have a clear message and eventually people stopped listening. Even Daryl Issa came out the other day with rumors that the Resistance was dying because he sees less protesters every week.

I’m not saying we need to be all up in his grill more. I’m saying that there should be less protesters at his door step and more Activists propping up the candidates that can beat him. And doing so by helping clarify their platform and Get The Message Out!

Here are a couple of things I’ve found that work better than getting in an argument with a stubborn right-winger.

  1. Listen more than you speak
  2. Don’t try to convert, let them do that on their own
  3. Discuss issues, and leave people out of the discussion; if they respond with something like “yeah but Hillary…” just say ah and get back to the issue
  4. Try to find common ground; you’ll be surprised to find that a lot of people believe in the same things as you, they just have different ideas of how to get there
  5. Be respectful. Be ready to lose the argument. Some people (ok, lots) aren’t ready to see things any other way right now. Let that be. They’re more apt to listen to you if they feel respected

I know it’s hard to respect a Trump supporter, but realize this. Republicans didn’t use to be this way. Remember the EPA? That was Nixon’s project. The Republican Party has been taken over by corporate America and fooled their followers into thinking our problems are that Government is too big, States need more choices, Immigrants are taking our jobs and Refugees are potential terrorists. If we keep to the issues, we have a better chance on getting someone on the right to say “hey, maybe this left thing ain’t too bad”.


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