Darrell Issa Town Hall Meeting

Friends in North Country, our “buddy” Darrell “Iss-hole” has finally found the courage to meet with his constituents this Saturday, March 11, at 8:30 AM at Jim Porter Rec Center in Vista, CA. 

None of us Organizers are free this Saturday to host a Meet-Up, but we heartily encourage any North County residents and other San Diegans to attend and let Congressman Issa know how much you value your healthcare and don’t want to lose the Affordable Care Act! 

You may also want to DEMAND an INVESTIGATION of Drumpf & Co ties to Russia, Putin, and other nefarious cohorts, as well as Agent Orange’s scandalous and scurrilous charges alleging President Obama’s illegal wiretapping of Drumpf Towers. 

Let Congressman Issa know you are ACTIVE and ENGAGED in our Democracy! 

Anastasia, Tom, & Tim

Here are the details:

SPACE WILL BE LIMITED, REGISTER NOW: https://issa.house.gov/news-room/in-the-news/town-hall-meeting-saturday-311

Rep. Darrell Issa’s office is finally holding an in-person town hall to answer our questions about health care and immigration.

Two events will be held on Saturday, March 11 at the Junior Seau Recreation Center in Oceanside, but space will be limited.

It’s crucial that we RSVP with Issa’s office in advance so that our concerns are heard: https://issa.house.gov/news-room/in-the-news/town-hall-meeting-saturday-311