Duncan Hunter Town Hall

None of us Organizers are free this Saturday to host a Meet-Up, but we heartily encourage any East County residents and other San Diegans whether in Duncan Hunter’s district 50 or not to attend Duncan Hunter’s Town Hall and let him know that you value your healthcare and don’t want to lose the Affordable Care Act! #RESIST!!!
Anastasia, Tim, & Tom

Here is the Facebook Event posting for more details:


District 50 our hard work has paid off! We have our townhall but you weren’t expecting #DirtyDuncan to play fair right? The Ramona Mainstage is owned by tea party members and it’s the meeting place of the Ramona Tea’d group. They are all informed that the townhall is happening and you better believe they will be there early! We need every indivisible member of district 50 to make it inside. Please arrive very early. If you’re outside district 50, we still need you! Come support your fellow resistance members by rallying outside with us to show that #DuncanIsFlunkin We need as much support as you can provide. This is an Indivisible Call to Action! Please arrive by 7am to make it inside the townhall. If you are outside of district 50 the rally will start at 10am. See you then!