Families Belong TOGETHER!!! Time to MARCH!

Fellow SeXy Libs,

The horrendous practice of tearing crying children from mothers’ arms CANNOT STAND! It is an absolute abomination, and we must do everything we can to MAKE IT STOP!!! Let’s show this disgusting, despicable administration that Americans are not hateful racists like they are, and that our country welcomes hardworking immigrants as we are nearly ALL descendants of hardworking immigrants that came before us! And that we hold the bond between parent and child as SACRED, and we WILL NOT tolerate this from OUR government that WE fund!

Please come MARCH with us this Saturday, June 23rd. We will meet at the Starbucks outside of Horton Plaza and depart to walk over to the Civic Center together at 9:45. Remember: comfortable shoes, water bottle, a sign if you wish. After the march, we can meet for lunch/drinks at a location TBD. We’ll figure it out and post it by Saturday.

Hope to see as many of you as possible this Saturday!
Families belong TOGETHER!!!!