First We March–Then We VOTE!!! BLU-Nami!!!

• What we’ll do
Come One, Come All, Come MARCH!! Women, Men, Kids too!

Last year, more than 20 SeXy Libs marched with tens of thousands of San Diegans the day after the “I” word that I still can’t bring myself to say. In the year since that time, engaged Citizens and #The Resistance have achieved many victories against this deplorable regime. Dems have unexpectedly won special elections in even the reddest districts, boding well for the upcoming midterms. Now, Republicans are on the brink of closing down our government as they refuse to vote on a bipartisan solution that would easily pass in the House and Senate. This Saturday January 20, join your fellow San Diegans to stand up for women’s right, human rights, healthcare, social and economic justice, freedom from war, safety and security. The March starts at 10am at 1600 Pacific Highway, 92101. Last year, two dozen of us gathered and attempted to march together, but the crowd was so large that we became separated. So this year, I encourage all you SeXy Libs to grab a friend or two and go march– you will meet many new friends along the way! I bet we’ll bump into each other too!
I’ll be marching with Janice so keep your eye out for us!

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