It’s Mueller Time!!!

Oh boy, Kids, the $#!+’s really hitting the fan now!!!
This corrupt administration is flailing and scrambling under gathering black Stormy-clouds, compliments of legal hottie Michael Avenotti.
(YUM! Talk about your SeXy Liberal!!!)

Total bad-ass Robert Mueller, who as head of the FBI underwent knee surgery biting on a belt rather than go under anesthesia (in case there was another national emergency post-9/11), has the evil orange-haired one in his sights, and is in all likelihood dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on many more indictments of Drumpf and cronies.

Time for a get-together–these are terrifying but historic times we’re living through, Stupid Watergate on steroids!!! We certainly won’t run out of topics of conversation, and with any luck, we may have more indictments to celebrate by the time we meet, compliments of Rudy Ghoul-iani’s runaway mouth! (BTW, have you seen the GRILL on that guy??!)

Co-Organizer Thomas has graciously offered his Cardiff-on-the-Sea home for our gathering on Saturday, May 19 from 3 to 6pm.

Please RSVP if you’re coming, and bring:
1) a dish to share
2) whatever you want to drink- adult beverage or otherwise.
3) optionally, something to throw on the grill

Hope to see everyone! Come on out, have some fun, relieve some stress, and bask in the company of others who share your Progressive mindset!

Anastasia, Tim, & Thomas