Let’s Attend Darrell Issa’s Town Hall!

SeXy Libs, Resistance is NOT futile! We need to take back the House of Representatives and Senate in 2018 to undo all the abominations already perpetrated by Agent Orange, as well as the future evils which will no doubt be visited upon us by his despicable cabinet, and the best way to do it is one seat at a time. Darrell Issa very nearly lost to Colonel Doug Applegate in 2016, and we’ve made it our goal to do all we can to ENSURE that Applegate wins the seat from Issa in 2018. In the meantime, let’s PUT the HEAT on Republicans to do the right thing–INVESTIGATE Drumpf’s Russian connection, PROTECT our health care, public schools, environment, REINSTATE President Obama’s executive order preventing the mentally ill from getting guns, and more!

Whatever cause is nearest and dearest to your heart, join me at Congressman Issa’s Town Hall and let him know how you feel! Town Halls in even the reddest parts of the country have been overwhelmed by constituents unhappy with Congress’s recent actions. Let’s show Congressman Issa that Blue California does not appreciate the radical direction in which his party is taking us! This Emergency Town Hall has been requested by his constituents, with the specific focus of protecting our Health Care, The Town Hall meeting is scheduled from 6 to 8pm this coming Tuesday, February 21 at
Jim Porter Recreation Center
1200 Vale Terrace Dr
Vista, CA Please join me! It’s sure to be packed, so I plan to arrive as close to 5pm as possible. Viva la Resistance!!!