REAL ACTUAL Meet-Up: SD Women’s March & Lunch

My Dear Progressive Friends:

I am STILL praying that something happens this week to prevent the illegitimate, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, hateful, unpatriotic, compromised PEE-otus from being sworn in to the most revered office in America in a few short days. Assuming the worst happens and the Gropenfuhrer is actually inaugurated on January 20th:

Please JOIN USyes, you too, Progressive Men!— for the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21 to show our solidarity with the DC Women’s March and all Freedom-Loving, Constitution-Respecting, Civil Rights-Honoring Americans. We must show the usurpers of power that WE WILL NOT BE QUIET as they attempt to take away our rights and well-being through a STOLEN election!!!

Here is the Vision Statement for the March:

“We, San Diego Women’s March, are peacefully marching in San Diego in solidarity with the Women’s March in DC. We are dedicated to a free and open society. Together we stand united in our respect for all people and we resist the marginalization of anyone. As a diverse, inclusive community of compassionate people, we seek to strengthen and continue our commitment to work for the protection of women’s rights. We stand firm in agreement that women’s rights are human rights.”

We will gather between 9:15 and 9:45 at Starbucks Horton Plaza, on the 1st floor by Banana Republic. Promptly @ 9:45, we will depart for Civic Plaza @ 1200 3rd Avenue. There we will join the 10am March on Broadway to Harbor and end in front of The County Administration Building @ noon. (Please make an effort to arrive at El Teatro no later than 9:45 as it will be virtually impossible to find us at the March if you’re late.)

At the conclusion of the March, we will walk over to Indigo Grill @ 1536 India Street to partake of their Farmer’s Market Happy Hour and warm the cockles of our hearts with vittles and libations.

Currently, the weather report is calling for rain, but as they’re calling for rain from Thursday the 19th all the way through Tuesday the 24th, I think we have a pretty good chance of experiencing little or no rain during the March. UPDATE 1/19: Weather now says no rain Saturday, just blustery wind.And even if it does rain, the March is only 2 hours, we won’t melt, and we’ll all be in it together! Furthermore, we can look forward to rewarding ourselves with a yummy lunch in a warm, cozy environment afterwards. We can brave a few raindrops to preserve our Rights and Well-Being!

I plan on wearing my Pussy Cat Ears and Not My President Tee. Similar attire encouraged! : ) Tim and I hope you will join us for the first Meet-Up of 2017 as we do what we can to protect our Rights and our Freedom–Hope to see you there!

Anastasia & Tim, Co-Organizers