Resistance Potluck @ Marc & Jeffrey’s


The Resistance is WINNING! 

Congressional Republicans face the wrath of constituents at packed Town Halls country-wide, the Muslim Travel Ban has been repeatedly struck down, most recently in the notoriously conservative 4th circuit, Obama-care lives on– at least for now, ropes are tightening around the necks of Twitler and his treasonous, Putin-loving crew, and the Drumpf budget is so cruel that even hard-core Republicans are calling it “A Bridge Too Far.” 

All this protesting, resisting, and activism takes a LOT of energy– so let’s feed our minds, bodies, and souls at a Sunday Funday Potluck at Marc & Jeffrey’s North Park home!

Please bring:

1) your best positive, resisting attitude

2) the beverage of your choice, adult or otherwise

3) a dish to share, and/or something to throw on the grill.

Marc & Jeffrey’s beautiful, multi-level loft features a rooftop deck that offers one of the finest views of our fair city, so you won’t want to miss this par-tay! 

Parking in this part of town is sketchy at best, so you may want to Lyft or carpool. 

Hope to see all y’alls there! 

Anastasia, Thomas, Tim, Marc & Jeffrey