Sunday Funday Potluck & Plan!

SeXy Libs, 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so BUSY making signs, calling Congress, writing letters, marching, attending meetings, tweeting, and doing everything ELSE I can think of to stymie the horrific agenda of the Orangutan-in-Chief and his Evil Clown Posse, that I haven’t had much time for plain old FUN lately!

Well, time to change THAT! Let’s gather for our first Potluck Party of 2017 on Sunday, February 19, from 3-6pm. SeXy Lib Dave has generously reserved the Clubhouse at Loma Riviera for us, and we are also inviting Dave’s San Diego Climate Mobilization Meet-Up group and John’s Pacific Beach Drinking Liberally Meet-Up group to join us, so it will be an awesome opportunity to greet old friends and meet new like-minded peeps too. 

The clubhouse has a full kitchen and a grill, so bring:

* a dish to share*

* something to throw on the grill (if you like–optional!) *

*whatever you want to drink*

*yourself, with your best RESISTANCE attitude!*

We’ll provide ice, utensils, plates, cups, napkins, name tags, etc. 

In addition to socializing, we’ll also take a few minutes to discuss what we can do to advance Progressive causes during this Clockwork Orange administration, and how we can all work together to enhance our effectiveness. 

We’ll have our SeXy Lib “Tip Jar” on hand, so please remember to bring a few bucks to throw in the hat to help pay for website dues, party supplies, etc. 

Hope to see you there! 

Anastasia, Dave, Tim & Tom