It doesn’t really matter what 45 does anymore.

What do I mean by that? I mean that what he’s said, what he’s tweeted and the propaganda he’s delivered to the American people to date has already done it’s damage. We already have our share of hate crimes, xenophobia, homophobia and a basic disdain for anyone not like us, and it’s now part of a way of life to middle Americans. Thank 45 for delivering that to the uneducated and otherwise naive American public.

Momentum for this “movement” starts in the rust belt, where people are pissed off and looking for an enemy. From there, once enough momentum has gained, it spreads to Breitbart “news”, fox “news” and cycles back to 45’s twitter account where it gets picked up by CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times. This back and forth cycle of hate has now started to grow organically. Any stories from here on out regarding calls to deport jews, start a “liberal genocide”, or any other hate related crimes are now the direct result of the rhetoric delivered by Donald J Trump and the Republican Party. They can’t sit back and say “hey man, that’s not what I meant”. They can’t change the language in the latest Muslim Ban or border wall bill to soften it up any more. It no longer matters what they do, they started this mess and it’s up to us to stop it!

TakeĀ Adam Purinton for example. The bar patron who killed two Indian tech workers. His excuse was that he thought they were Iranian. Like that somehow makes it understandable. Not one response from the Trump administration on that. If that had happened under Obama, we’d be hearing speeches about accepting each other and working together for weeks. That’s the difference with a strong leader.

We need to start holding the Trump administration, the Republicans that helped get him elected and most of all the American people who voted for him personally responsible! We need to #resist this reality with every breath we take. This is a time of action! We cannot sit back and yell at our TV’s or laugh at all the funny meme’s without working to change the status quo.

Lord give me the power to change the things I cannot accept.


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