Sunday Funday Potluck & Plan! 2/19/2017

Meeting Objectives

Come together with new groups to officially form the SD Progressive Coalition. Introduce the new plans an progress for 2017-2018. Start planning for future events.

New Groups

New groups to join included Sexy Liberals, Climate Action, Drinking Liberally, Our Revolution, #Resist


Many new faces at this meeting. Great to see everyone collaborating and getting to know each other. Leaders of each group called everyone together to introduce our new name and talk about plans for upcoming events. Primary goals for 2017-18 include unseating Darrel Issa and Duncan Hunter. To do this we’re going to work with opposition candidate to support their campaigns and hold fundraisers. First fundraiser will be for Doug Applegate (Issa’s opponent). The event will be called “Ales for Applegate” and may even feature the man himself. Action is underway to get Mr. Applegate on board.

Next Event

The next planned event is Darrel Issa’s Emergency Town Hall on Tuesday, 2/21. It’s not expected that Darrel will have the guts to come, but everything is set up and the media will be there.

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